Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Looking for the Bluebird

As part of my campaign to keep us looking up as we deal with appalling presidential prospects within the Republican Party, I've found the song that might help. The song is 95 years old and was introduced on Broadway by a Jewish guy who sang in blackface. At the time it was introduced,Native Americans, African Americans and  Asian Americans did not have rights. It would take a lot more time in American history before they would be enfranchised.

Nevertheless, because of all the warts and horrible parts of our history, I'm an American and have to deal with the reality that white people were frequently wrong.

It was introduced on Broadway by Al Jolson in 1921. It sounds corny today, but it picked up the spirits of a lot of Americans who'd seen their country engulfed in the first world war.

Here's a sample of the lyrics:

                and when you see clouds upon the hills,

                you soon will see crowds of daffodils.

                So keep looking for a bluebird and listening to his song

                whenever April showers come along.

Today there is snow in upstate New York and Marlborough, Connecticut. Despite the fact that 20% of the voters for Trump in South Carolina believed we should still have slavery, we should take heart from the majority of Americans who don't want him to be president.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party that always hid behind the concept of "states rights" and other allusions which meant "keep the nigger's under control," now has a leading candidate who hates everyone who makes America a better place.

So keep looking for the bluebird and listening for his song, because this too shall pass. Most Americans want to be good people. We should have some faith in that.

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