Monday, September 13, 2010

Tommy Babcock: A World War Two Thriller

Did you ever wonder what America was like before World War Two?
Did you ever want a novel that had tremendous characters that captured your imagination?
Did you ever want a book that so involved you that when he broke the date, it didn’t make you eat all the ice cream that remained in your refrigerator? You had Tommy Babcock to take you to another time where you forgot what a fool you were for trusting him.
Did you ever want to meet a character in a book that made you laugh, while you were in suspense about the next move the Nazis had planned?  Are you looking for an admirable character in an adventure story?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, I recommend you read Tommy Babcock: A World War Two ThrillerYou can easily download the Kindle Edition from Amazon (click here) , and read it on your e-readers, computers, or smart phones.

Tommy Babcock is a high speed thriller which takes the reader from 1938 Hollywood to Germany and back again to the United States during the 1940 presidential campaign. This fast paced novel follows a former American movie star who becomes a spy for Winston Churchill. He is determined to rescue Jewish children from Germany, before disrupting the German spy apparatus in America.
Tommy and Ginny Babcock were very popular dancers who filled seats on Broadway and in movie theaters for a decade, until Ginny married a rich Englishman. Tommy’s recruitment by Churchill takes him in a new direction that has deadly consequences. In the novel we meet Franklin Roosevelt, Wendell Willkie and others who influenced America’s attitude toward Europe. In 1938 Americans want nothing to do with Europe, after feeling betrayed by World War One and its aftermath.

Tommy’s love interest, a beautiful Chinese woman, is threatened by an assassin who wants to remove her from his life, permanently. His efforts to protect her fuel the tension of this historical adventure. The reader is left guessing until the end about what the future holds for America in a world that includes fascism, communism and the nativists of America First.

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