Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Mongolian Sushi Chef and the Blood of Genghis Khan

For the last few years, I've been lucky enough to be friends with two guys with Mongolian blood who are outstanding doctoral candidates in the sciences at UCLA. In China, those who have a Mongolian bloodline are called "meng gu." They frequently have Han blood in them. (94% of Chinese are Han).
Inner Mongolia is the third richest province in China with a lot of natural resources. There is much to be proud of in Inner Mongolia.
I recently became friendly with a sushi cutter from Mongolia. He works in a Japanese restaurant run by Koreans. (This is not unusual in Los Angeles. Not a lot of Japanese immigrate to America so Korean-Americans have jumped in to provide a popular cuisine for Americans). They hired this Mongolian guy and taught him to be a sushi chef.
Since I'm just an average horseman, this guy impresses me because he's one of the outstanding horseman produced by that country of 2.6 million people. He can do things I could only dream of. His language is written in Cyrillic, because the Russians controlled Mongolia for a long time. But things are changing. Mongolia is set to become as rich as inner Mongolia, with resources that have the world's miners salivating.
The way I figure it, those with the blood of Genghis Khan flowing through their veins are going to end up on the top of the pile once again. These hard-working, intelligent people conquered the world before, and I expect they may do it again.

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