Friday, July 6, 2012


For anybody left out there who still checks my blog, I've been writing them for two years with braces on my elbows and hands. I've done this because my neck has stenosis, arthritis and herniated discs. This affects the use of my hands. My lumbar region has the same problems, with scoliosis thrown in. Now my body has decided those braces are foreign objects and reacts strongly to their use. I am completing a book called "Shanghai Rose," which begins in World War I and includes a rewrite in the first person of a novel I pulled off Amazon called Winters in Shanghai. With a little help from my friends I should have it posted on Amazon in about a month. I hope you like it.(By the way, no matter what they say about dictation, if you can't position the cursor by hand in a rewrite, you might as well pack it in)  I'm pretty happy with my life and I figure obstacles are there to be overcome. Ganbatte, Jia You, Fi-Ting


  1. Best of luck to you with your "bracing challenges", as the Brits might say. I'll look forward to purchasing "Shanghai Rose"...and sincere kudos to you for reworking "Winters in Shanghai" into an improved novel. I'm sure that it will be excellent!

  2. Your review helped me decide to rewrite it. thanks