Thursday, September 26, 2013

The U S Park Service :A Legion of Heroes

A while ago, when a crazed gunman was shooting up the Washington Naval Yard, a member of the US Park Police killed the man before he could raise the death toll above 12. If you don't live in Washington DC, you're probably don't know very much about the US Park Police. Originally created by George Washington, they are a ubiquitous police agency in our nation's capital.
This is because it's hard to walk around Washington without tripping over a memorial. A federal entity, they've been protecting the predecessors of our national parks since 1791.
The park policeman who took the gunman down is just one more hero who's part of this government force. They are men and women who deserve our gratitude. Thank you.
The men and women of the Park Service, who maintain our national parks all over the country are also doing great things in frightening time of Trump by telling us what the records tell us about climate change and the environmen. They are speaking truth to power at a time when that narcissistic sociopath wants to decide for us what the truth is. He believes in "alternate truths"and wants us to believe only him. Thank God for the Park Servic 

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