Friday, September 23, 2016

Do You Have to Be Educated to Be a Good American?

No matter what everyone is saying these days, having a good education doesn't make you a better American. When George Washington realized his Continental Army didn't know left from right he put hay in 1 foot and straw in the other. Therefore, when his men marched you heard the cry "hay foot, straw foot."

These probably were the most committed men to the American democracy we ever had. They survived the winter at Valley Forge and beat the strongest army on earth at that time. Apart from Audie Murphy and Sgt. York they were probably the finest men we ever send into battle.

So we need to be careful in an election year where the whites without a college degree are considered in Trump's pocket. Decency and openness have always been the hallmarks of good Americans. In this coming election, you can't assume a guy with a high school education can't discern if someone's a  blowhard and a liar.