Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Republicans and the Tang Dynasty

There is a Chinese television show in which people looking for alternative reality experience what it's like to be  living in the Tang Dynasty. All of a sudden, a hacker breaks into the program and prevents these people from leaving the Dynasty. So you have all of these individuals who wanted a different experience trapped and unable to get back to today's reality. One man is trying to find the key that will release these people and allow them to return to 2015.
In some ways, the Republican Party is like those Chinese people trapped in the past. The difference is the Republicans don't want to return to 2015.
A majority of the American people approve of abortion, gun control and other concepts that the Republicans decry. Marco Rubio, who might have given Hillary Clinton a race for the presidency, said he didn't approve of abortions under any conditions. That certainly wouldn't help him in the general election. The rest of these dullards are answering yesterday's questions and playing to the people who still think African-Americans should be seen and not heard; people should be allowed to walk the streets with handguns, and Ozzie and Harriet should still be on television.
The 50s weren't necessarily such a comfortable time for people of color. But if you're white and miss separate colored bathrooms and "Father Knows Best," you're in the right party.


  1. That's harsh, old man. Oh, you're right. They deserve harsh. What was I thinking?

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