Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hey White Girl: You don't own my country

It seems that there are still white people in America who think this country belongs to them.  Let me get the cards on the table right away.  My ancestors were on the Mayflower, fought in the Revolution, and then fought for the north in the Civil War.  I was born white, but I don’t believe that makes me any better than any other American.

A white girl at UCLA went on you tube to make fun of Asian American families and the fact that they give their offspring so much support.  The close family unit that is represented by many Asian families is something that is positive in a country where many parents have no influence on their children.

When I used to teach university students about different cultures and how they communicate, my students from Africa and Latino students quickly understood that the values of Asian families were something to be admired.  Another group looked on Asian values as ridiculous because everybody should be out for themselves.

No matter how you look at it our country no longer belongs to people of any color or of any religion.  We are a nation of immigrants made stronger by the new blood which arrives on our shores every year.

As Christians we grew up singing “Jesus loves the little children.”  The song makes the point that it doesn’t matter what color a child is, Jesus loves them all.  Buddhism is a religion that arose out of Hinduism because Hindus believed people are borne into castes. Buddhism doesn’t discriminate among its followers and doesn’t assume any racial group is more entitled to Buddha's blessing.

If this girl doesn’t get it, then she can keep on excusing her lower grades by blaming Asians. The Asians will just go on becoming doctors, scientists and artists.

 Hey, white girl, you don’t own my country.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wall Street Laughs And The Little People Lose

Goldman Sachs board member: “Our numbers are bad, you’d better unload.”
Hedge Fund Manager: “How come?”
Goldman Sachs board member: “I’ve got 73 more people to call. I don’t have time for an explanation.”
Goldman Sachs board member “I’ve got some info.”
New Hedge Fund Manager:  “Did you hear that documentary producer say at the Oscars that none of us had been put in jail?”
Goldman Sachs board member: “This guy is a jerk. He doesn’t understand we run America. We’re gonna throw a couple of Indians to the SEC, and Americans will think we cleaned house”