Tuesday, August 23, 2011

America; Where only the Rich count

In the day since I first wrote this; Warren Buffet has bailed out Bank of America. Buffet, who says he should pay a larger percentage of his earnings and dividends to the government than his secretary does, makes money, but cares about America. We need more Warren Buffets, a man who is leaving his money to charity.

There is now talk about bailing out Bank of America again. If we do it this time (which we shouldn't) we have to claw back the money the last two CEOS have made for helping destroy out economy.
Perhaps if Larry Summers and Obama had never met we would have had a President who stood up to entrenched interests. Summers had helped take down the wall between regular, deposit accepting, banks and investment banks. This coddling of the rich was in full force during the Clinton Administration and intensified during the Bush Administration. Clinton gave Greenspan rapt attention.
So both parties are for the rich. The democrats just pretend more. The Tea Party is too dumb to hide that they work to protect rich people.
When I was young, CEOs made 40 times what the assembly line worker made. Now he/she makes 430 times what the assembly line worker makes. Of course, in America, we believe we could be that CEO some day. When it happens to you; drop me a note.