Monday, July 4, 2011

Energy Vampires and Our Society

Recently I heard a psychiatrist lecture at UCLA Medical School on the problems of “energy vampires,” who suck the life out of you by pulling you into stressful situations or asking your advice and never following it.
Since UCLA is on the West Side of Los Angeles, where everyone wants to be told they are the only thing that matters, it was well received.
But I started thinking about those who search for this freedom. Think of who this applies to. When it comes to sucking energy;Your parents do it, your children seem to want to do it for the rest of their lives and, because everyone mentally healthy needs them, friends do this on occasion.
The psychiatrist advised people to avoid anyone who sucked the life out of you. Doctor Laura stopped talking to her mother, who was found a long time after she died in her apartment alone. People disregard filial obligations to the parents who worked two jobs to put them through college and can’t get home for Thanksgiving.
Eventually your friends get older, or have bad experiences, so you should dump them so you don’t have to experience their pain.
So you have your life dedicated to your own freedom from outside obligations. The only thing is you’ve become a narcissistic individual who will be mourned by no one. And the more people act like you have, the more the collective glue that holds America together will disappear.

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  1. It resonates with me, :). Of course the lecturer had other things in mind, but what you said, makes sense. Hope your new book is going well.