Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dirty Harry and the Prez

It was all very tempting. When Clint Eastwood stood up at the Republican convention and talked about how disappointed he was in Obama, it resonated with me. I don't think Obama is a very good president, myself. It could have been possible for me to get swept up in my disappointment, but I can't let it happen.

The Republicans on the Supreme Court have already made it possible for the rich people in this country to decide who gets elected. I don't want to see anymore right wing jurists continue to build an unequal playing field. We used to be a country with tremendous upward mobility, but today our country isn't even in the top five in that category. Rich people are going to decide who runs this country and how little taxes they'll have to pay. McCain-Feingold was a good law, and it should have been upheld.

We can't get out of our mess with just spending cuts, we're going to have to raise taxes. The Republicans actually want to cut taxes more.

I count on Medicare and I don't want mentally challenged right-wingers to take it private. I don't think Social Security should be privatized either.

I've got a PhD, but one of the jobs I did to make money for college was work in a sewage plant (okay, okay, you can bring on the piled higher and deeper jokes. I've heard it all before). Is Mitt Romney really going to relate to someone whose dad died at seven and lived on Social Security? I don't think so, and I don't think many Republicans have the ability to relate to the African-American and Latino students I taught in college. When Clint was speaking, I noticed everybody I could see  in the audience was white.

I'm going to hold my nose and vote for Obama because the people at that convention don't want the America I grew up in. They're campaigning to install a white plutocracy, where the only people that are really going to make it are their own children


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