Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Has Romney Already Been Elected President?

I woke up this morning wondering if I missed the presidential election. I'd grown up in an America where politics stopped at the water's edge. Until the regime changed we were all supposed to support the president and our country's foreign policy

But there was Romney attacking Obama for something he'd either done, or hadn't done well enough. This afternoon it looks like Romney really blew it. Hillary Clinton and Obama were proceeding carefully to respond to the deaths of American diplomats. The least Romney had done was jump the gun and it looked like he'd actually stepped into a septic tank, only to find out he couldn't swim.

I'm an Abba and support Israel but can't imagine going to Israel and telling Netanyahu that he could push around Obama anyway he wanted. Netanyahu has always been a hothead and implying he had carte blanche to tell our president what he should do was almost criminal.

He seems to support the video that's angered Muslims. Why doesn't that guy now make a movie about the lost tribe of Israel that was running around America 2000 years ago and what happened to the gold tablets after Joseph Smith reached the bottom of the hill near Palmyra. Of course if you believe all that you probably think Romney's qualified to be president. Whether he is or isn't, you must face the fact the election isn't over yet.

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