Sunday, April 3, 2016

Time to Stand Tall

After a morning of watching CNN and thinking of the danger Donald Trump poses to America, I got on my exercise bike. To keep me peddling I play movie soundtracks. The soundtrack from Gettysburg came on and I realized I had to see that movie.

Jeff Daniels, in his greatest role, played Joshua Chamberlain, who won the Medal of Honor for his bravery and leadership defending Little Round Top from a Confederate advance. Before the battle Chamberlain was very ill from dysentery and malaria. Despite that he knew the 20th Maine had to protect the Union army from being outflanked by the Confederates. When things got very dicey he ordered a bayonet charge against the Confederates.

Chamberlain went on to become the 32nd governor of Maine. Since he'd been a college professor before he volunteered, he eventually wound up as president of Bowdoin College.

Right now, I'm in the process of trying to find the movie Gettysburg on the Internet so I can watch it and let it help me recover from my morning listening to folks talk about Trump.

Even though I know it's not actual history, but inspired by it, I want to watch Saving Pvt. Ryan. I love my country and hope it doesn't fall into the hands of Trump or Cruz. Growing up in a Republican extended family, I looked to Lincoln as my hero. He still is up there, but I've added Mohammed Ali and John McCain to the triumvirate I admire. (I only wish McCain, a genuine hero, didn't want us to invade every country in trouble).

I'm a registered independent who almost always votes Democrat. (In California, you're allowed to ask for a Democratic ballot). As people who regularly read my blog know I'm descended from two Mayflower pilgrims. In four years my ancestors will have been in this country 400 years. I don't want it destroyed before that happens. I need to pick myself up and watch those movies and realize we've gone through tougher times before.

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