Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sell Time Warner to North Korea

I've met a lot of fine people who work for Time Warner cable who have tried to give me assistance over the years. I believe they have been working hard to provide decent services.

The problem is that management is only concerned with one thing. They desperately want to sell the company. If the CEO can sell the company he would make a lot of money. He doesn't seem very interested in running an effective cable service.

Selling the company to North Korea would simplify everything. Time Warner management doesn't really care what happens to its customers, so they can escape with the money without worrying about doing a good job.

Working for Kim Jong-un would provide an incentive for new management to run the kind of company that would make its customers happy. If they didn't, Kim Jong-un  could invite them back to North Korea where he could strap them to the end of an antiaircraft gun and blow them away. (This is how he killed his uncle)

Since Time Warner is the subject of many jokes, this would help their public image. Kim Jong-un has said he can send a missile to Manhattan. Those late night comments about Time Warner's incompetence could be eliminated quickly.

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