Monday, March 21, 2016

Did Apple Lose by Winning?

Did Apple lose by winning? They've been trying to prove they are not really an American company by keeping their money overseas so they won't have to pay US taxes; manufacturing their devices overseas; and lately by telling the Justice Department they refuse to provide a backdoor so the government can read what's on the iPhone of a terrorist who's already gone to Paradise.

I had mixed feelings about the government's request to break in to that specific iPhone. I figure after they let that happen, Xi Jinping would order them to give him the backdoor to the encryption in China.

That wouldn't have been good at all. But here's the funny thing, today the Justice Department says they don't have to meet with Apple. They say they've got a guy who can break-in to that iPhone without destroying the data on it.

Well, so much for  Tim Cook walking around the stage in Cupertino laying down the gauntlet.

If this guy can break-in, soon a lot of people will be able to get data off my iPhone. I wonder what it means for my Apple stock (please, light a candle for me, this stock has not been good for a while)

We will probably find out that he did it with something he got from Legos. From our studies we all know what the result is for those who have hubris. We're watching that now.

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