Friday, September 6, 2013

Wire Services Blew It on Announcing Putin intent to "Strike" US on Syria

The wire services really blew it when they said that Putin would "strike" at the US if we bombed Syria. However, everyone who's ever worked for a wire service knows about the rowback. At the moment the Associated Press is saying that Putin will continue to supply arms to Syria, but is saying that the Dow Jones news service is the one that's saying Putin would strike against the US if they bombed Syria.
Wire services never admit they were wrong. In a book that was hard to find 40 years ago, Deadline Every Minute, a wire service announces that Charles de Gaulle, French Pres., was killed at the airport. But they don't admit they were wrong. First they have him injured. Then they have them escaping injury. It takes the rest of the day to say there was no attack on de Gaulle at the airport.
Wire services had apparently picked up the Dow Jones newswire story about Putin's threat, failing to remember that Rupert Murdoch, who owns Dow Jones, doesn't care whether something is true or not when he publishes it. So other wire services got pulled into this and had to get out of a bad situation.
It just takes a while

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