Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let's stop the confusing Terminology. Syria used Poison Gas

For some reasons, newspapers and television stations aren't using the word poison gas. They talk about chemical weapons as if  majority of the American people know what that means. But we don't.
People who know history realize France was the first country to use poison gas in World War I. But it was more an irritant than a killer. Soon, the Germans began to use chlorine gas (at the second Ypres) and it was an agent of death.
Some of those who survived this killer lived the rest of their lives in British government nursing homes. Some others went unscathed. However, poison gas became a reviled weapon of warfare.
They say the poison gas used in Syria was Sarin, the gas that killed Japanese in that subway incident. It's a gas that affects nerves and makes people, including children, choke to death.
I don't believe we should attack Syria, because the US seems to screw up everything it does in that region of the world. But perhaps, people could make better decisions if we use the word poison gas.

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