Friday, August 30, 2013

See the Future of America's One Percent by Watching South Korea

You can see the future of America's dominant 1% society by looking at South Korea. In the Korean serials' on Hulu you see how powerful families control the money there and intermarry between  families to increase economic power.
Before World War II Korea was a feudal society in which Yangban (the top group) controlled over 80% of the land in Korea. After World War II America so wanted an anti-Communist society that they put the government in the hands of those Yangban, many of whom collaborated with the Japanese (who had run Korea like a vassal state). They brought in an American resident of Korean descent, Syngman Rhee, to be the front man for this government.
As Korea moved into the modern age many of these yangban helped form Chaebol (the equivalent of Japanese Zaibatsu, large holding companies like Samsung and LG).
So the money mostly stayed with rich families who continued to intermarry and have power to do almost anything in modern Korea. There are countless series about these families on Korean TV, and you get used to seeing them bribe officials, eliminate opposition by many different actions and frequently acting as if they were above the law.
Think about a world in which the major event of the social year would be Jamie Dimon's son's marriage to Stevie Cohen's daughter. (Actually since Dimon runs J.P. Morgan it could be his son marrying the daughter of an important Chinese official.)
With the elimination of the middle class in America, the South Korean serials become more important. We're forming an unequal society and if you join Hulu Plus you'll get to see our future. It ain't pretty.

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