Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chinese Americans are pissed off

Chinese Americans who live in Los Angeles are very angry. Their Chinatown (Zhongguocheng) is extremely large.  It stretches through the San Gabriel Valley for a long distance. Prices in this area for housing are beginning to go through the roof. Schumer's law, which would give a foreigner a visa if they bought American property will just make things worse for Chinese Americans. Chinese want to live near other Chinese, so they invest in those areas. Chinese Americans already have seen prices escalate because of home purchases by mainland Chinese. In one community there are housing developments just to hold the mistresses (er nai) of mainland Chinese who do business in America.
This is just another shortsighted mistake Americans have made about China in the last 20 years. If an American company goes to China it needs to take on a Chinese partner. Then if it wants to stay, it is forced to turn over proprietary technology to the government. General Electric has made a deal to help build a passenger plane which aims an arrow at the heart of Boeing. The dumbest thing I ever heard was a GE spokesman who said the military wouldn't get that technology for two years. This man knows nothing about China.
The Republicans in the house are not going to vote for tariffs on Chinese goods even though they're made by state owned industries and supported by subsidies from the government. It looks like the tea party wants to destroy America instead of turning back the clock.
Any company that goes into China should expect that their technology will end up in a Chinese company that will have an advantage in the marketplace.
We can't expect the Chinese to take care of us. They operate in their national interest. If we don't stand up and fight, our children will be their janitors.

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