Monday, October 24, 2011

How to destroy America

An article in the New York Times today reveals how the GOP field with its accusations has diminished our legal system in the eyes of conservatives and others. This is just one example of how the war between our political parties is changing the confidence Americans have in their government.
Winning, without the consideration of campaign rhetoric on the American people, is dangerous. We once had a country where leaders of both sides could retire to a room and figure out what was best for the American people over bourbon and branch water. That era is gone and the two-party system, which has been a cornerstone of support for our Constitution, has now become the enemy of our Constitution. In a court room, the defense attorney for a rapist tries to find out problems in the life of the rape victim. It is one of the most controversial outcomes of an antagonistic legal system because it can destroy the life of someone who had already been victimized.
Our country is in the same position. If the Republicans keep pointing out the deficiencies in our system of government the country will never have confidence in itself again. I'm not a Democrat, and I don't think they've made any attempt to cut back on spending. But the Republicans are out to destroy the country they say they're protecting.
The day that they realize that they are Americans first, and Republicans second, we can start building confidence in our government among the American people.

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