Sunday, May 15, 2016

What is Tim Cook smoking?

Owning Apple stock is like being flushed down a toilet connected to a storm drain that flows from the Santa Monica Mountains into Santa Monica Bay. It is an endless unpleasant experience. You know the stock cannot go to zero because somewhere in the world someone will want the latest iPhone.

However when Tim Cook said this was just the beginning of the iPhone, I hurried over to the wastebasket to toss my cookies. What is he smoking?

I have some ideas for what that statement might mean. In the future,

will it make its own banana bread?

Pick a successful stock portfolio (hopefully, without Apple in it)?

Arrange a date for you with Monica Bellucci?

Well, those were just ideas off the top of my head. I'm sure Tim Cook has something great up his sleeve. Of course it won't be on the seven, because they'll stretch improvements with little meaning until we get to iPhone 17.

Apple never invested in research and development. People often said Steve Jobs was their research and development. Well guess what, he's dead and all those years of noninvestment are showing. He not only didn't leave anything to charity, he didn't leave anything to Apple either.

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