Saturday, August 1, 2015

Trump and Trotsky

Donald Trump apparently has the support of 20% of Republicans. Let's put this in perspective. Since he's a man who is narcissistic, cares little for others, and bombastically attacks icons of the Republican Party like John McCain (whose war record is incontestable) he's clearly two clams short of the limit. (He's wacko)
Unfortunately, he appeals to the members of the Republican Party who seem incapable of thinking what constitutes a good president. The fact that 20% of the party is full of loonies does not speak well for the Republican concept of capitalism. Trump clearly thinks only of himself and his needs.
To understand just how unsettling it is that Trump has that level of support, let's suppose 20% of the Democratic Party supported Leon Trotsky, the communist leader who fled Russia but was killed in Mexico by an assassin sent by Stalin.
In the old days many Republicans accused Democrats of being "pink," or of being fellow travelers of the Communist Party. Joe McCarthy captured the attention of the media by implying he had the names of over 100 communists working for the government. McCarthy was a loser who ended up in the rubbish heap of history.
If 20% of today's Democrats said they would vote for Trotsky, people would write off the party. They'd wonder why the Democrats had people crazy enough to put a communist in the presidency. The fact that an egotistical and thoughtless guy like Trump is in the lead for the nomination says something stark about those who support him. Do we really want that party running the country. I, for one, find Republicans scary as hell. How about you?

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