Monday, June 1, 2015

A Medical School Which NurturesThe Heart As Well As The Brain

There are days when I get discouraged about the future of the country I love. However, my experience on Saturday filled me with the belief that many are working hard to maintain our values and facilitate healthy change.
My wife and I went to our daughter's medical school to walk her across the stage as she received her M.D.
This medical school tries to steer its students into family practice, where they will do a lot of good and, unfortunately, make less money than those who choose a specialty designed to make them wealthy. These people are the antithesis of those working for big banks who cheat and steal to make big bucks.
I watched the Latinos walk across the stage, followed by the Korean-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Vietnamese Americans, and Indian Americans. They stood next to the Irish-Americans and Polish Americans and showed how immigrants make this country a better place.
The commencement speech (the best one I've ever heard) was delivered by an African-American who has delivered medical care to an area of San Francisco which had been previously under served. Her rousing address made me wish I had miles to go before I'd sleep.
I privately thanked God for letting me see how much could can be done by people who color outside the box and believe that America can only get better.

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