Thursday, October 31, 2013

If Obama Doesn't Know, Then Who Does Know What's Going On In the White House?

In the last few days I've been wondering who's running the White House. If you are old enough to remember when Pres. Jimmy Carter was attacked for being a micro manager, you may be surprised to find out that Barack Obama hardly seems to manage at all.
In 2012 the race was between Obama and a spoiled rich kid who thought 49% of the American people were losers. I voted for Obama, so feel free to blame me for the situation today.
In the last few days Obama has told us he didn't know anything about tapping Angela Merkel's phone. It came as a surprise to him, he said. Wow, that made me feel comfortable.
He also has not claimed responsibility for the horrible Obama care website. He says "the buck stops here," but then gives a lot of reasons why he left it up to other people.
The whole NSA thing seems to be a mystery to him. How did we end up being hated around the world for sticking our nose into everybody's business without the president knowing?
I still can't figure out why Putin is running our policy on Syria.
It isn't that the Republicans aren't a troublesome lot (and that's putting it nicely), but some of the responsibility for this whole mess has to fall on the man we elected president. It's too bad nobody's telling him anything, because then, maybe he could fix things.

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