Friday, November 30, 2012

It Wasn't a Mandate

It wasn't a mandate.
As an independent, I voted for Barack Obama because the Republican Party was full of people who think when a woman is raped, Tinkerbell steps in to prevent conception. I also care about minorities and their future in this country, which I don't think Republicans think much about. (Although I think the saving grace of George Bush was that he was in no way a racist)
The Republican Party is full of people who don't believe in evolution, equality, or having rich people pay their fair share.
This doesn't mean that I thought Obama was a good president. This doesn't mean I think Nancy Pelosi cares more about America than Mitch McConnell.
It's time for the Democrats to tell us where they want to cut. They seem to have been emboldened by the election victory, not realizing it was more a rebuff of the Neanderthals in the Republican Party than it was an endorsement of their positions.
Obama has the support of 49% of the American people in the latest approval ratings. I'm waiting for a real bipartisan approach to our pressing problems.

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