Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So the Bankers Walked

A lot of bankers dislike Obama, but people who wanted a fair and just settlement of the financial crisis aren't exactly jumping up and down for joy.
(First I must admit to voting for Obama in the primary and in the general election, so throw the ball and drop me in the dunk tank.)
The problem is that not knowing anything about running anything, Obama made Larry Summers (who never met a banker he didn't want to canonize)  his economic adviser.
So, right away he had no chance of becoming Franklin Roosevelt, or even Teddy.
Now we have a situation in which bankers are giving a lot of money to the Republicans because the G.O.P. thinks it's great to be purchased by rich people.
The list of bankers who should have gone to jail grows longer by the day. The Angelo Mozilla's of the world are working on their tans.
There might have been people around who wanted to do something about these bottom feeders, but they weren't in office. Did you expect Schumer to put the bankers in jail?

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