Thursday, March 8, 2012

John McCain and Neville Chamberlain

As he probably was for many others, John McCain used to be my hero. He was the rational voice in the Republican Party. I really miss him.
I still regard him as a great patriot, but the man who wants to drop bombs on a lot of countries is not the same John McCain I used to admire.
He has joined the Republicans who still think Neville Chamberlain is the enemy. In every war since World War II the Republicans have brought up the concept of appeasement and the Democrats, afraid to take a stand on anything except support for the teachers unions, have gone along.
The most interesting aspect of this is that Republicans were solidly behind America First which tried to keep us out of  the Second World War. They weren't interested in stopping the boxcars heading for Auschwitz. However, since Korea they've used Munich as a sledgehammer on other Americans who might not want to invade Iraq just because the Iraqis were nasty to George's daddy. So I watch John McCain, who now wants us to bomb Syria, and wonder if he knows how sleazy and uncoordinated the opposition is in that country?
It's too much I guess to hope the old John McCain will return. He has joined the disloyal opposition and wants us to kill everybody.
However, I still miss the John McCain that provided hope Americans could work together to fix our problems and transcend the vitriol and nastiness of our present two party system.

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