Thursday, December 1, 2011

America, the perpetual patsy

America is a very confused country. With a Congress that's close to being declared brain dead and a president who never even ran a city before, it's like a missile without a guidance system.

There are some things we know. When I gave a test in college, national statistics told me that 70% of the people in that classroom had cheated before. Ethical behavior on the part of business school graduates, probably only happens by mistake and by those among the bottom quartile. (Those in the top 10% become investment bankers). However, because of the corrupt practices act, we're not allowed to bribe people overseas. Everyone who has any brains knows you can't sell something in China without bribing an official or businessman. The name for this practice in China is hong bao (red envelope). If you don't have some guanxi wang, you just might as well mail them a proposal from Buffalo. China has this tradition and it's getting stronger every day. However, we want to put Americans in jail that are trying to sell stuff there.

On the other hand, the Republicans don't want us to slap controls on China, a country whose currency manipulation is legendary. They talk about free trade as if giving another country the advantage is part of how it's supposed to work. All they care about is letting American companies make a little more money before our economy is destroyed. They act this way even though unequal currency transactions force companies to produce goods without American workers. House Republicans have made it clear that they will do nothing to stop China from destroying American jobs.

We have lost interest in protecting the country the tea party swears it loves. I don't know what Democrats believe, but I know it has nothing to do with balancing the budget and helping us survive as a nation.

I can see us in ten years shipping a large number of people to China where they'll become janitors. This is sad, because Americans don't bother to learn a foreign language, so they won't even be able to order lunch.

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