Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dancing with the Hurricane

As all of you know, the blog talks about serious issues, which is why I have to address the crisis involving “Dancing with the Stars.”
As a student of American political philosophy, I will try to put it in perspective. The story of Bristol Palin actually involves a down to earth, sweet, nice person who can’t dance but is headed for the finals of America’s second most popular show, “Dancing with the Stars” (I guess the number one show is “Survivor: Orange County”).
You can’t help liking her, but you are surprised frequently by her staying power on the show despite being the kind of dancer I was in high school. Her mother is in the news a lot (she provided support for a witch who tried to become a U.S. Senator).  Because of her daughter’s success, Republicans believe Sarah Palin will run for the Presidency in 2012, with Jim Carrey as her running mate.
Bristol always gets the lowest score from the judges, but since votes by the public count, she stays on. There are tea party people who vote many times, through multiple e-mail addresses, to keep her on the show. Because of this, our future is clear; this highly organized group is going to run the country, while the Democrats continue watching “Masterpiece Mystery.”
The midterm elections pale in importance next to this “Tempest in a Tea Party Pot.” We understand that if we had direct voting on TV, the next president would be Justin Bieber. Even Brandy couldn’t overcome Hurricane Bristol. While the rest of the world worries about currency imbalances Americans are staying focused on what is really important. And except for the Wisconsin man who shot his TV set in frustration after watching Palin dancing, we know what the important issues are.
Of course I await the final verdict. Since sociologists always write in a way that makes the words unclear to anyone who isn’t a sociologist, we will have to wait for their final judgment on this issue and hire a translator to explain it to us.

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