Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

The castle stands like a bulwark against change at the tip of one of the Finger Lakes. Owen Morgan IV stands on a balcony overlooking his small piece of the United States and reminds himself how the tentacles of his power reach from New York to Washington to across the nation.
Standing next to him is one of his acolytes. He, like all the rest of them, has a Harvard MBA and is noted for  his marksmanship.
"I told Boehner to prevent a vote on hurricanes Sandy relief, but he couldn't stand the heat and decided the Congress had to vote to give away all that money to people who didn't have the brains to understand that waves sometimes get very high," Morgan said.
"He and the others take my money and let Obama raise my taxes. Now they're talking about taking away my right to have an automatic weapon and a 100 bullet clip. There are 100 of us who stake the Republican Party, and we expect these losers to play ball. They don't seem to have any fortitude at all."
The acolyte noted that many Americans were upset that there hadn't been a resolution of the fiscal Cliff issues earlier.
"You seem to think that the votes of all those little people mean something. People like me, the Koch Brothers and others of our stature decide what happens in America. We can block anything and make sure the clocks get turned back towards a better America. As for you Harvard boy, I can always replace you with an MBA from Anal Roberts and probably do just fine."
"I've been very clear with them that nothing is to be done that takes away our rights to assault weapons. They know they were put in there to cut Medicare and Social Security before those programs bankrupt us. I'm paying them to maintain a world that's good for those of us who have the money in America."
The acolyte shivered in the cold of upstate New York and knew he was there to help Morgan preserve the America where people knew their place and listened to their betters.

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