Saturday, January 9, 2016

Star Wars, Canes and Walkers

We were driving into the parking lot in Westwood village that I use when going to the pharmacy. The first thing that surprised me was that all the disabled parking places were taken. This was the first time I couldn't slide into a spot on the ground floor for a quick exit onto the street.

When we went back it was almost impossible to exit our parking place because the line of cars trying to leave the structure just sat there, seemingly immovable. It wasn't until I remembered that "Star Wars" was playing a block away that I understood what was going on. The movie had just finished

After all, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) is in his mid-70s. These people, just like me, probably could still remember the first "Star Wars," and had lusted after Carrie Fisher.

Since I'm in my dotage and have been hanging around Kings Landing looking for a way to get knighted, I was just glad none of them were white walkers.

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