Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A President's Tears and Outrage

Recently, my daughter got to shake hands and talk with Barack Obama. My daughter, who is a registered independent, told me that she believes the president is really a good man. Since she's a counselor and deals with people from different backgrounds all day, I trusted her instincts.

Although I've been disappointed in the way the president has handled the Middle East, his speech today on gun violence really connected with me. When mentioning the Newtown, Connecticut slaughter of first graders his eyes teared up.

He is taking executive action on closing guns show loopholes and implementing the other limited efforts that the executive branch can take without the support of Congress. He truly believes that too many Americans are dying because Republicans want to get reelected.

I'm tired of the violence and in the way the legislative branch is too frightened to make a difference. In those tears today I saw one man's attempt to hold back the vicious tide consuming America.

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