Saturday, February 14, 2015

Blood on Putin's Hands

Once again Putin has blood on his hands. Two nights ago, CNN reported that a woman went out to get something from a store and returned to find her building demolished and her three children dead. The shelling may have come from the Ukrainians trying to stop the Russian-based rebels. I'm sure the Russians will use this in their propaganda.
However, the fact remains that the fighting in eastern Ukraine exists because Putin backs the rebels and sends Russian troops into the area to assist them. Without Russian support things would be much quieter in the Ukraine. Europeans would like to see peace in the region and Putin counts on that. So the leaders of France and Germany have agreed to another cease-fire which will last as long as Putin wants it to. Once again, he will send in troops and break the cease-fire, and the Europeans will trudge back to Moscow to ask for another one.
In some ways, Putin learned some lessons from Hitler. Back then Europe desperately wanted peace and Hitler would make nice, until it was time for his next move. It's not wrong to want a world that's better, but it's dysfunctional not to understand the czar of Russia and his bag of tricks.

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