Friday, April 11, 2014

Our Government Is Our Enemy

Today we learned from Bloomberg that for the last two years the National Security Agency has been exploiting a flaw in the software used on 70% of the internet to gather information on us. It doesn't matter that this flaw allowed others to hack us and put our finances, social security numbers and other crucial information in danger. NO, our government didn't tell us about it and stole our information while we sat around like lambs to the slaughter.
A few days ago we found out that heartbleed, a flaw in the open SSL security system, put a lot of what we thought was our secure data in danger of being stolen. We had been vulnerable for two years and the agency hadn't bothered to tell us. At the moment. many sites on the internet are not even acknowledging they have a problem, or that they've fixed the problem, so we can enter new passwords to become secure. It's all a game.
Who does our government really serve. It certainly isn't you or me.

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