Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Kunming Massacre in China, a Bloody and Horrific Miscalculation

The Kunming Massacre in Yunnan, China on March 1st was the bloodiest Radical Islam attack yet on the Middle Kingdom. Unfortunately, it won't make life any better for the Uighur (Chinese say wei war) inhabitants of Xinjiang in Northwest China. If there had been actual problems created by the influx of Han Chinese (94 percent of the Chinese population) into the Muslim Province of Xinjiang no one will sympathize with them now.
Because its bu ke neng (impossible) to get hold of guns in China, the carnage caused by knives makes it China's 9-11. 29 civilians and four terrorists are dead and a remarkable  140 others injured. These were animals who knew how to use knives.
There have been comments in British newspapers that the attackers were trained by Al-Qaeda or the Taliban, but Chinese officials describe them simply as Muslims.
On March 1st, at 9:20 a.m., six men and two women pulled out their long knives at the Kunming Railway Station and began to slash the throats of others in the station. A bystander said the terrorists, dressed  in black , began slashing the heads, necks and shoulders to kill as many as possible. Another witness saw a five or six year old boy carried out of the station with slashed pants and blood streaming down his legs. Reportedly, after people were brought down by the initial attack, the terrorists moved in to finish them off.
Once again, we've seen how such slaughter negates any kind of honest compassion people may have felt for a Muslim population. The brutality and unconcern for the lives of others is the concept that people will take away from this incident. Restrictions on Muslim activities are bound to follow. By attacking people in Yunnan Province (where China grows tobacco and produces cigarettes, and is far away from Xinjiang) national outrage is building. Radical Islam may take delight in the enormity of this attack, but only those who wish to see China washed in blood should cheer.

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