Friday, August 9, 2013

Latinos are part of America's Success Story

When I first was becoming disabled, I used a Chinese immigrant to help me move. He worked in a hotel laundry. Many Chinese have an incredible work ethic, and secretly look down at others who don't work as hard. However, the one group he respected were Latinos, whom he said were very hard workers.
Today I spoke to members of a moving crew who were moving one of my neighbors to Northern California. Everyone of them had impeccable manners and never stopped working. These guys were the reification of the American dream. I'd taught Latinos at university who had incredible drive and have already exceeded their own expectations.
I listen to what the Republicans are saying about these people and figure they will vote down the immigration bill that has already passed the Senate. It won't be long until the Republican Party will look like the Whig party of the 19th century. Most people in this country want the country to succeed and grow.
I'm descended from two Mayflower pilgrims, but I'm married to a Chinese woman who is very successful in the US. If I assumed that only white people from good backgrounds should live in this country, I probably wouldn't be looking at the most successful country in the world. America has always needed new blood to keep the  national circulation system moving. I grew up in a Republican family, but feel that today's Republicans have no idea of what is good for the country I love so much.

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