Tuesday, August 13, 2013

(DWB) Driving While Black is the Underside of "Stop and Frisk"

(DWB) Driving While Black is the Underside of "Stop and Frisk."
I've written before how DWB is a fact of life in the African-American community. I've talked about how a number of my students have been pulled over  for simply driving a new car and having skin darker than mine.
The number of times this happened to people I knew is uncountable. The assumptions policemen make about skin color is evident in whom they pull over on the roads in Los Angeles. Now a federal judge has denied New York City officials the seemingly effective tool of "Stop and Frisk."
There seems to be no question that it works and it's a vital part of reducing crime in the Big Apple. However, I've seen the personal toll it takes on people just like me who were born a different color.
If I'd never seen the personal pain of a good person mistreated by a system stacked against him or her, I'd probably be 100% behind Bloomberg. The question is: how many bad experiences should a part of our society experience so that others can feel safer?

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