Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A-Rod: Baseball's Lance Armstrong

A-Rod is baseball's Lance Armstrong.
When I was in elementary school I would skip classes to watch the Yankees play Brooklyn. It was the sporting event I really cared about. Pee-wee Reese, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris were my heroes. I loved Yogi Berra even before he ruined the concept of déjà vu.
I can't remember exactly when I decided Major League Baseball resembled a criminal enterprise, but I no longer watch it. Between lying pitchers and Barry Bonds, it rapidly began to look like a bunch of rich guys intentionally breaking rules. "Say it ain't so, Joe," became the most important quote I remembered from baseball.
Now you have a guy, caught red-handed doping himself. But he figures as long as he appeals, he can keep playing. Of course, the Yankees start him, because they don't give a crap what the country thinks of him as a human being. Baseball long ago started resembling Wall Street. It will do anything to make money.

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