Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Robert Bork and the Ensuing Chaos

American governance is at an all time low, and while it's easy for the Democrats to point out the insanity of many Republican's behavior, we should look at where this all started. A judge named Robert Bork had been a justice on the Court of Appeals, had been solicitor general of the United States and was a constitutional scholar at a little school called Yale. Reagan nominated him to be a justice on the Supreme Court.

I didn't agree with the premises which Bork used to come up with his origination doctrine. But I don't ever remember someone endowing me with supernatural powers or infinite wisdom. However the Democrats used every tool they could to demean and defeat him. It was an example of the left gone wild.
He didn't deserve these tactics. Just because he didn't think like Nancy Pelosi, didn't mean he couldn't have been an honorable Justice of the Supreme Court. There was nothing in his background that showed he was dishonest, cavalier in his opinions or a threat to this nation. But you wouldn't have known that as the Democrats were trying to destroy him.
Now Republicans have made it difficult for Obama to fill judicial positions. The absurdity of their behavior does not bode well for an America that wants to come to terms with it's economic problems. Rand Paul, who is the leader among Republicans to be there 2016 nominee,is to the right of Attila the Hun. Things look pretty bad for American democracy.
But this didn't happen overnight. Robert Bork was a decent man who didn't think like me, but was honorable. The Democrats hated him with an intensity that's hard to understand in a country which is supposed to have checks and balances, not outright witch hunts. Reagan nominated him and he was an ethical man.
But he didn't meet the ideological purity of the Democrats. Thus began the bitter ongoing crisis in America that has made us the laughing stock of the world. The next time someone on the far left tells you that the Republicans are pure evil (I honestly don't like most of them, but believe in a two-party system), remember where this all began.

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