Thursday, April 11, 2013

Never Give Up

You should never give up.
In January I couldn't walk for seven days. Last week I walked 14 blocks.
This might not sound like anything special, but I have arthritis, foraminal  stenosis, protruding discs and radiculopathy. There are times that my hands are too numb to use a computer.
Every morning I do 12 difficult exercises. From the bridge to more complicated tests of my ability, I persevere. I have traction on the lower part of my body that takes me three days from which  to recover.
Neurologists warn me that eventually the foreaminnal stenosis will end me in a chair and that the pain medicine I use now won't work when things evolve.
But in a couple of minutes I'm going to walk out in the sun and look at the different styles of houses that fill my neighborhood, say hello to people who are walking their dogs, and pretend I'm not disabled. It is sure to be a beautiful day

1 comment:

  1. 14 blocks is one hell of a walk. Congratulations, Rich. Sounds like your spirits are climbing and will conquer all the crappy stuff some Republican has dumped on you.

    By the way, Rita and I have just finished moving. I'll send your our new address and phone via AOL.

    Tom Ong