Saturday, June 18, 2011

All Hail the No Party system

                My wife, a Chinese born American, asked me why we have to have a two party system to run America. I’m an Independent, but I still said it makes America function well. I realized after saying this that I’d assumed there weren’t many people like me, who don’t feel comfortable spending until the cows come home or invading any country we choose.
                I was only in the wilderness for another hour when I looked in the WSJ at the Pew Foundation statistics on the makeup of the electorate.  Republicans are 29 percent, while 35 percent call themselves Democrats. But the shocker for me was the 38 percent of the people who identified themselves as independent.
                My mind started to imagine a different world. You could have former Republicans who believed in evolution. You could have former Democrats who realized the teachers unions were destroying America’s future. An individual could be for budget cuts and for abortion.
                I’m still a little lost on this issue and need to understand why we have a House of Representatives controlled by 29 percent of the electorate. I guess it was because a lot more people think evolution is a communist plot, than thought the country should be run by the trial lawyers.

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