Monday, September 27, 2010


The big news today is that a poll shows that only 38 per cent of Americans think Obama should be re-elected.  We apparently want to shoot the first guy who tried to fix the 15–year-old entrenched mismanagement of the American economy. Obama followed the dumbest president since Warren G. Harding, so how could he screw it up?  He screwed it up because people are generally hurting and anyone on top is considered the causative factor in their suffering.
George Bush was a loser who listened to Cheney and…..Cheney when he was in the white house. As I’ve said before, Alan Greenspan believed the market was rational and that companies (like banks) would never do anything not in the interest of the stockholders.  His old friend, Ronald Reagan said “trust, but verify.” But Alan didn’t believe in verifying anything, because Ayn Rand had spoken to him from Mount Olympus.
Our country was in terrible shape when Obama came into office; however, some of the people Obama surrounded himself with resembled foxes entering the henhouse. Larry Summers has been called an egotistical son of a bitch (Who is only, apparently, transcended by Richard Holbrooke). Summers earlier, along with Henry Paulson and other banksters got rid of a depression-era law called the Glass Steagall Act that separated commercial banks from investment banks to protect the people of America So much for Obama leading a populist charge against the entrenched special interests that really run our country.
He then found a guy who didn’t pay his taxes and made him Secretary of the Treasury. His big claim to fame was he was Paulson Jr. Smart thinking, Barack.
He didn’t revive the Civilian Conservation Corps, or fix bridges and roads, or bring back any of the kinds of things that Roosevelt used to give people self respect, while fixing our disturbingly disintegrating infrastructure. He didn’t rail against the bankers who were sucking this country dry while California had an unemployment rate of 12.4 percent.
But the Republicans, who helped drive this country over a cliff, don’t have any ideas on how to fix things either, because they’re running around quoting Barry Goldwater, Hamilton Fish and that great intellectual, Sarah Palin.  They want the country to have less money to pay off the deficit, because rich people need the extra cash.  How do you sell the country on a stupid policy like that? They already did.
I’ve said before that independents should have somebody speaking for them, but I don’t think they believe Obama is their guy. After writing this, all I can hope is that one day he'll be my guy.

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