Monday, March 9, 2015

Advice for Fellow Disabled Individuals

I have some advice for disabled people with spinal and joint problems. There are some people who can really help you. Because you all don't live in Los Angeles, I will describe my support here and hope you can find the same combination in your area.
First, I have a neurologist who isn't afraid to work with a well-educated physical therapist. Her name is Dr. Mollie Johnston, and she's a professor at UCLA. She is very compassionate and stays in contact with my physical therapist, Dr.Li-der Chan, who has a DPT from USC. He also has incredible instincts and never gives up on a patient.
Because these two are operating in a symbiotic relationship, there are times that I need medical procedures in order to continue functioning. At that time, I know to alter my physical therapy, until the procedure is completed.
Because dealing with arthritis requires a lot of will some days it feels like you're running faster and faster just to stay even. But if you can discover a neurologist and physical therapist who work together the result can be helpful. As long as you know that this process is never going to end, you can deal with this.
The last time I saw my grandfather he couldn't move anything on his body because of arthritis. It is an image that haunts me, so you never should give up. Oliver Wendell Holmes said "to live is to function" and so we must keep trying.

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