Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why I Love Canadians

I think the Canadian people are great. They have a  humility that Americans lack. They are much more polite and considerate of their neighbors. Vancouver is one of the finest cities I've ever visited.
Don't take from this that somehow I am anti-American. I'm descended from two different Mayflower Pilgrims and I love my country. But, when you leave West Los Angeles, with its insensitivity and lack of civility and land in Vancouver, you're in a better place. I remember being shocked when a man stopped his car to allow me to exit from my parking place. Where I came from this would be unthinkable.
Canada has never been into nation building, except for its own. They don't want to invade other countries to make those countries more like them. They seem to be more considerate of their native Canadians. The Chinese who live in Wengehua (the Chinese name for Vancouver) seem to have a great community and a terrific spirit.
When I was growing up in Syracuse the closest place for Chinese food was in Canada. I would have to drive there to get moo goo gai pan, before I learned the thrill of Sichuan cooking. I think the Chinese went to Canada because that country welcomed immigrants in a way we don't seem to want to.
Because I'm close to the Canadian branch of the Turner's I've been able to meet some wonderful people. All in all, we're a very lucky country to have these good people next door.

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