Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Christmas Album That's Covered in Blood

In the car today, on the Sirius Christmas channel, I heard a well-known cut from the Christmas album that's covered in blood. In the early days of rock Phil Spector was famous for creating his "wall of sound." He controlled the girl groups who recorded his songs and one day decided to produce a Christmas album. You may be surprised that he modestly called it the "Phil Spector Christmas album." Back then he was a man with incredible power in the world of rock 'n roll. He married two of the lead singers in his girl groups. The most famous was Ronnie of the Ronettes.
In the  most recent pictures we have of him, taken at the prison where he'll be eligible for parole when he's 88 years old, he's a disgusting looking creep who makes Charles Manson look like Ashton Kutcher. He's there because an actress named Lana Clarkson, was found at his home with a bullet in her mouth and a mouth full of broken teeth. Spector later told a magazine that her death was an "accidental suicide." Prosecutors pointed out that he had pulled a gun on four different women who'd rejected him in the past. Spector told the magazine Lana Clarkson had "kissed the gun." However, Spector told his driver, "I think I've killed someone." From everything I heard about Lana Clarkson she was unusually nice and a good person. (something you don't often hear in connection with a Hollywood actress)
I actually used to like this album, but buying a copy today somehow viscerally repulses me.

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