Monday, March 17, 2014

Avoid These Three Mistakes

There are three things to avoid right now if you want to do well this year:
1.Don't fly a second rate airline. I don't just mean avoid Malaysian Air Lines, but don't hurry up and fly Air Venezuela, Syrian Air Lines or Air Libya. If they can't run a country what makes you think they maintain their planes or know what kinds of people are flying them. Historically Malaysia (in different periods) included Singapore, but the Muslims are in Malaysia and Singapore is a separate country run well by ethnic Chinese. Their airline is one of the finest in the world.
2. Don't trust a banker. Recent articles have pointed out that regulators have figured out that Wall Street doesn't just have a few bad apples, but that the entire system is corrupt. Let's not ask how come it took them so long to figure this out.
3. Don't harbor the hope that Obama is good for the Democratic party. In today's New York Times they go into detail about how many Democrats are running away from him. Only 41 percent of the people have a favorable opinion of him. Including a primary, I voted for him three times, but I don't feel delusional anymore. I just hope before the midterm election he doesn't draw anymore lines in the sand and then run away and hide.  

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