Monday, October 8, 2012

Huawei, China, and Espionage

People frequently believe things that are untrue or represent their own personal interests, no matter the facts.
For example, I love and believe in Syracuse football despite the scores of games over the last few years.
In the same vein General Electric, which is building a jet aircraft for China, says the proprietary technology will not go to the military but only be used on a passenger plane. This shows either an alarming naïveté or General Electric's ability to lie when it's in its best interest.
The government and the military take anything they want in proprietary technology. By forcing American companies to take a Chinese partner in order to sell products in the Middle Kingdom, it's assured that technology will end up in the hands of the Chinese government.
Now we have the results of a House investigation, which shows how Huawei and ZTE could use their telecommunications equipment sold in America to steal secrets. I was laughing when I read a Huawei spokesman call these fears "baseless."
Hey, wake up and smell the Long Jing tea.
I am not a Sinophobe. My wife was born in Nanjing and half of my very closest friends are Chinese citizens. I really like the Chinese people. I think China's the future. But I also think a friend of China has to tell the truth about what happens there.

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