Sunday, July 10, 2011

They chose their Ideology instead of their country

Today, we learned that John Boehner was unable to sell Obama’s offer of cutting four trillion dollars out of the federal budget. They didn’t like what should have thrilled them because it contained tax hikes.
I don’t belong to either party or trust most of the people we send to Washington, but here was a chance to save this country from a ghastly future. David Brooks, no liberal he, said this was a golden opportunity that should have been embraced.
But in the last election people were sent to Congress who captured the anger of Americans who want to go back to the 1940s. Since 45 percent of Americans don’t believe in evolution, this should have been expected.
So those people who had a chance to save America didn’t decide what’s best for America. They decided what fit their ideology.
My fervent hope is that the American people will figure out who caused the damage. Since only 29 percent of Americans are Republican, and 38 percent are independents, there is some hope.
But you can’t talk to a rock, or a member of the Tea Party.

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