Wednesday, October 27, 2010


P.J. O’Rourke was on Bloomberg TV today to push his book Don’t Vote; It Just Encourages the Bastards.
I had already decided to write this blog, but listening to him only increased my desire to let this feeling out. The Democrats won in 2006 and 2008, because George Bush was too dumb to realize that all of Cheney’s ideas were stupid and dangerous. The Republicans are going to blow out the Democrats in the midterm election because Obama let two egomaniacs, Larry Summers and Nancy Pelosi run away with his first two years. He had little experience, but I voted for him out of blind faith he would be better than Bush, but I realized my standards weren’t very high. I should have voted for someone in the primaries who’d actually understood what being a President really required. Today O’Rourke called Obama an “Ivy League smarty pants.”
Pelosi thought she had a mandate, so she called the shots on the health care bill. (The only reason I’m glad it passed is that three of my friends desperately needed the coverage.) The bill didn’t try to control costs. The Dartmouth group, whose research Democrats used to show it wouldn’t increase the budget deficit, say their research was misinterpreted.
Obama and Pelosi didn’t have a mandate to turn America into a liberal paradise, and  they pissed off the American electorate and made a lot of people very angry, because they should have spent all their effort on finding jobs for Americans, rebuilding infrastructure and saving our National Parks by thinking like FDR.
Now the Republicans are going to blow out the Democrats by running witches (I’m still not sure O’Donnell isn’t one) and people who want to eliminate social security. The Tee-Hee party is filled with people who have major personality disorders who want to emulate Herbert Hoover. They’ll think they have a mandate. They don’t, people just want jobs. The problem is that the Republicans are the party of the employers, they really don’t care about employees and they love bankers. They’re going to think they have a mandate. They don’t, and when they try to privatize social security, everyone will say we want the Democrats back.
The average American isn’t left wing or right wing. There are new people becoming independents and carrying picture of Michael Bloomberg in their wallets every day. In fact, the average American doesn’t buy into either party’s radical philosophies. And they think members of congress are one step below used car salesmen.

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