Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lesser Songs for Lesser Cities

Many American cities have songs about them: there’s "New York, New York”, two songs for Chicago, many about Tulsa and, of course two great ones about San Francisco. Every city should have a song, but they might sound like this one:
“Omaha, you’ve been hanging heavy on my mind. I’m leaving even if I have to crawl.” That’s a little ditty made famous by Waylon Jennings.
So we should have some songs about other cities. They can all be sung to the tune of Omaha:
Syracuse is overcast 300 days a year. I’m leaving to try and find the sun.
Concord, New Hampshire is the world’s most boring place. I gotta get out before the snowflakes fall.
How about a new song about Gary, Indiana? They already have one:
Gary, Indiana is a city that’s barely alive. It’s nothing since they lost the Jackson Five.

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